Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mariposa caterpillars album.

These fat and hungry  caterpillars can wreck havoc on gardens, we suggest to plant sacrificial plants for them to gorge on on their growing season. Here is an album of photos of these caterpillars which are not allergenic to skin and have false eyes to scare predators.

This may be the last album with my ES30. I gave it to my elder brother so he can start shooting and before we invest in a full dslr. The teflon seals of the lens got out of the camera and there are dark splotches already on the resulting photos. but they may not be noticeable in non-magnified setting.

View the full album at <a href="">Facebook photo album: Mariposa caterpillars</a>

Monday, August 1, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

We have a new photo pbulicly accessible album hosted in FB ! Click the link to enjoy the views.

How many photos can you shoot with your es30 camera?

Here is a table based on the actual settings menu display.
Card capacity      12M 4000x3000 10M 3984x2656 9M 3968x22328M 3264x24485M 2592x19443M 2048 x 15361M 1024 x 768
2 Gb334-473 387-531 456-606 485-646718-9701078-13381938-2153
4 Gb 670-948 777-1065915-1215972-12961440-19442160-2681  3884-4314
8 Gb1333-18851546-21181819-24161932-25762863-38644292-5327 7717-8752

Values were obtained from freshly camera formatted SDHC cards. I am wondering why the table values changed during the interchanging of card capacities.

My personal preference is 10M settings.

Monday, July 11, 2011

We have a new photo album taken with the ES30 Samsung camera taken July 11, 2011.

Click on the publicly accessible FB album Enjoy the views.

Friday, July 1, 2011

A camera bag for P100.00

Here is a camera bag I bought OUTSIDE of CDR-king for only P100.00. You can buy it in the third floor of the Commercial station besides the Quezon Avenue MRT station. My CDRKing bag was already torn and it has only one big space to put a camera and an inside packet for SD cards. I think I got it for more than P200.00

Contrast this with my new camera bag, it has separate compartments for the point and shoot Samsung ES30 camera, with separate compartments for battery and SD/SDHC cards.

Worth the cheap price of P100.00!

Of course you be careful that your bag zippers are closed when travelling! They are opened in the photo so you can see the different compartments.

Photo album taken with the ES30: June 30, 2011

Facebook: June 30, 2011 album